Table Mountain National Park Safari

Table Mountain National Park Safari- A Wonderland for Vacation

Table mountain national park safariA wonderland and the most iconic Table Mountain National Park is located at the southern-most tip of Africa. It is one of the most famous wildlife safari destinations on the globe bordering urban development and privately owned land.

From Signal Hill, in the bowl of the city, to the dramatic Cape Point, the Table Mountain National Park is surrounded by splendid valleys and shorelines right to the magnificent and renowned Cape of Good Hope. The Table Mountain National Park is the most visited park compared to national parks around the globe.

No matter if you are an adventurer or a lazy voyager, you have breath-gasping experiences in this unmatchable destination of South Africa.

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The Table Mountain National park safari is identified for both its biodiversity in fauna and flora and its rich heritage of animals.

Table Mountain Flora:

Table Mountain Park is exemplified with the amazing indigenous flora being the Fynbos. The Table Mountain Park has a great collection of flowers including proteas, daisies, ericas, reeds and a rich variety of other plants.

Hiking on Table Mountain enables you to explore the fauna of the area, being dassies, porcupines, tortoise, and mongoose. Besides all this, you could find a wide variety of butterflies and bird species.

Table Mountain is the only place on the globe where you stand on one world heritage site and can look onto another world heritage site – Robben Island.

Drive along Signal Hill:

Driving along the Signal Hill Drive, you basically have to forcefully close your mouth, as you remain astounded and gasp for air by the vast amount of beauty Cape Town has to offer. The views from Signal Hill will take your breath away.

A Signal Hill drive on a fine day a is perfect for family and friends, while occasionally you view paragliders launching from Signal Hill only to land on Clifton Beach below.

Additional activities:

There are various tremendous activities opportunities available for travelers such as hiking, fishing, scuba diving, mountain biking, surfing, winds surfing, rock climbing, paragliding, horse riding.

Key Attraction points:

  • Main attractions within Table Mountain National Park
  • Cape of Good Hope
  • Boulder’s Beach
  • Table Mountain
  • Silvermine
  • Signal Hill and Lions Head
  • Beaches native Forests
  • Forest Walks

However, it is wise to choose the spring and summer as the best times to explore this destination, staying away from the cold and the winter rain of Cape Town.

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